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     John Allen

Originally, Revival CrossRoads was just the title of a Web page.  I created it to express the changes being performed in me in by continuing personal revival encounters with God that had  manifestations of Joy (laughter) and weeping .  The  initial encounter with God began in 1994 while watching the video, "I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy in the Holy Ghost" that I was given.  The blessings were too great to keep to myself. Even though I had given away that video and other books about the revival to pastors and friends at my church and other churches, I had to tell others.

After attending a third Rodney Howard-Browne Crusade in Ontario California in October 1998, the Lord directed me to "go into all the churches with the gospel". 

I began visiting churches of different denominations in the South Bay area of Los Angeles on Sundays and giving away a package of revival resources  composed of product purchased from various ministries experiencing revival like RMI, Victory Fellowship and Presentation BVM. I received written permission from Richard Riss  to print out his " A History of the World Wide Awakening of 1992  to 1995" so I could give that out also. 

I created an introductory card.  But  gradually became concerned that there was no real organization behind the name on the card i.e.  Revival CrossRoads Ministries

After consulting with an attorney friend,  the concept of incorporation was presented and he gave me the name of an attorney that specialized in religious organizations. The idea of incorporation began to "slide" out of my mind especially because of the cost. But before losing motivation altogether, I decided to proceed with it in May 1999 after personal prayer and the prayer of friends. 

RCM was incorporated on June 1, 1999 and received its Non Profit status  in December 1999. 

Now, there was an actual Religious Non-Profit organization not just a name I printed on a business card.  As I go further with the ministry, the decision has proved to have benefits I did not realize such as ministry discounts on books and videos.

In early 2000, a brochure was suggested and developed with help from pastors and friends.  It provides additional introduction of the purpose of plan of the ministry to pastors. The most recent "publication" is a Revival Photo booklet that provides a visual diagram of the major events of the spread of revival as depicted in the Richard Riss "History of the Awakening" utilizing graphic files from the web sites of the various revival ministries.

But behind all that RCM does is the Holy Spirit who is directing the operation of this ministry.  He selects which churches to visit on Sunday's and what to take them. Ideas for printed literature  and contact methods float up from my spirit into my mind. 

I continue to experience the Joy of the Lord in His presence at home or at a church service.  His Joy keeps me going. Change continues.                                          Updated  5/2012

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