Revival Resource Requests Have Been Sent To
The States and Countries Filled in Red

Last Update: JULY 15 2012

Requests Contain A Minimum of Three Items
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59 requests sent to Nigeria, West Africa 2 requests sent to Peru, South America 3 requests sent to England/United Kingdom 2 requests sent to France 8 requests sent to Botswana 3 requests sent to Nepal 1 request sent to Australia 10 requests sent to Ghana, West Africa 1 request to Belgium & 1 to The Netherlands 1 request sent to New Zealand 22 requests sent to Western India 2 requests sent to Maritius island, East of Madagascar 3 requests sent to Philippines 1 request sent to Japan USA:Alabama-4 Alaska-1 Arizona-2 Arkansas-3 CA-11 CO-1 Conneticut-1 Delaware-1 Florida-12 Georgia-4 Illinois-5 Indiana-4 Kentucky-2 Kansas-2 Louisiana-5 Maine-1 Massachusetts-2 Michigan-19 Minesota-3 Mississippi-2  Montana-2 Missouri-10 New Jersey-3 New York-11 New Mexico-1 Nevada-6 North Carolina-11 Ohio-4 Oklahoma-3 Pennsylvania-6 South Carolina-3 South Dakota-1 Tennesse-8 Texas-17  Utah-3  Vermont-5 Virginia-7 West Virginia-1 Washington,D.C.-1 Washington-1 Wisconsin-6
TOTAL=194 1 request sent Trinidad West Indies and 3 requests to Puerto Rico 1 request sent to South Korea 15 to Western, 3 to South Eastern India 3 request sent to Pakistan 4 requests sent to Ontario, Canada 8 requests sent to South Africa 1 request sent to Zimbabwe 4 requests sent to Zambia 2 request sent to Cameroon 3 requests sent to Novia Scotia 2 requests sent to Serbia & Montenegro 1 request sent to Yukon, Canada 1 request sent to Britsh Colombia, Canada 1 request sent to Manitoba, Canada 1 request sent to Indonesia 1 request sent to UAE,United Arab Emirates 1 request sent to Quebec, Canada 1 request sent to Tanzania, Africa 11 requests sent to Kenya, Africa 1 request sent to Lebanon 3 requests sent to Uganda 1 request sent to Singapore

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