My Personal Encounter with the Manifest Presence of God 
- The Beginnings -

[Last Update 6-30-04]

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My first encounter with God's presence occurred while reading the book Good Morning Holy SpiritGood Morning Holy Spirit by Benny Hinn in the early 1990's.
 After praying a few sentences as suggested in the book, I began to laugh not knowing why. What I was reading was serious stuff. After about
10 min I became concerned and using some effort stopped the laughter.

In 1993, I had been reading the book by Kenneth Haigin Bible Prayer Study CourseBible Prayer Study Course and was praying before leaving for
 work one morning about some health concerns. I was following the teaching about praying to God in Jesus' name. After saying Amen,
the laughter began and it felt good. It lasted all the way to work. I was feeling happy and giggling for several hours at the job. I asked a
Christian friend at work about what was going on and she said the laughter was connected with the Holy Spirit.
In the 93 - 94 period, I remember watching Rodney Howard-Browne services from TBN TVand laughing in the same manner. Things
really stepped up in mid 1994.
I had been laid off from a company at which I had been working for 20 years in January of 1994. Not having kept up with the computer

 field, I soon found by June that I unable to find a job. I was quite "down" emotionally. A woman in my apartment building came over to
 offer some help with my resume and brought me the video tape "I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy in the Holy Ghost I've Got the Joy, Joy, Joy in the Holy Ghost .
She said she felt led to give it to me.
As I began to watch the tape, the laughter began. But I found that soon I was laughing and crying at the same time.
This session with the Holy Spirit lasted a good 45 minutes. There was a change in me the next day. I felt different but it was a change
 "inside". Unrealized burdens were being lifted. I continued to watch the video several times a week. After a month, I found that the
 Holy laughter would start when I would say something to God out loud, without watching the tape. It was "staying on me"
as Richard Roberts speaks about in the Joy video. Each "session" of laughter brought about CHANGES within me. I could not
analyze it with my mind but something was different in me.
I bought and distributed 10-20 copies of "I've Got the Joy, Joy, in the Holy Ghost" video at church and to friends because
I knew this touch of God was something that everyone needed. I began to see that some were receptive and others not.


After completing a 9 month CNE training program, the Lord provided a job for me with EDS. There I became familiar with
the Internet. Eventually, I located the site for Rodney Howard-Browne. I was hungry for more information on this touch of
God so I ordered some of Rodney's video sets:

 Revival at ORUPicture of Revival at ORU Video


Revival Continues at ORUPicture of Revival Continues at ORU 

Through watching these 3-video sets, I began to gradually understand more and more about renewal by the Holy Spirit,
1800's and 1900 revival background, and the transference of the power of the Holy Spirit.
The 3 DVD Volumes of the two visits mentioned above and a third visit to ORU in 2005 are available from
Rodney Howard-Browne's Web Site: Revival Ministries International for $45 each.


 Revival at ORU Volume 1                        Revival at ORU Volume  2                               Revival at ORU Volume 3


I also ordered some of Rodney's mini-books and gave copies to pastors and friends. Picture Manifesting the Holy Ghost & The Reality of Person of the Holy Spirit Minibooks.
The one section I like the best in "Manifesting the Holy Ghost" is

"God is waiting for the Church to move toward Him, but the Church 
thinks it's supposed to be waiting on God.
God is waiting for us to get out of the way and let Him bring 

It was wonderful feasting on these videos and books. There is an actual increase in hunger for more about this touch of God.
In 1996, Richard Roberts came out with a book "The Joy of the Lord, How to Get It and Keep It". I ordered this from
the ORU site read it and then was directed by the Lord to give it to my Pastor. It is no longer on the Web Site but can
be ordered by calling (918) 495-7931.
Richard goes through his encounter with the Joy of the Lord and following events in detail.
I began to search the internet via search engines and links from various sites to locate other revival sites. I
t was and still is exciting to see how this renewal is spreading around the world through all denominations.


I was really excited when I found the Catholic Church website in Pennsylvania had visited a Rodney Howard-Browne meeting and
 asked the Lord to bring this to the Catholic Church. Church. Unfortunately, they are no longer offering Revival materials.

This is so important that I am inserting some of it here . . .

In Chapter 3 he states "This new anointing goes beyond laughter, 
just as Charismatic Renewal goes beyond praying in tongues.
However, laughter is the most easily recognized (and sought)
manifestation. Before July 1994, I knew people who experienced
holy laughter. I didn't know that the gift could become so

This laughter has a very important sign function. It points out
that the Spirit is doing a new work. Just as praying in 
tongues was evidence of the Baptism of the Spirit and 
encouragement to seek the charismatic gifts, so laughter
awakens us to the new anointing and encourages us to seek
the more powerful Revival manifestations.

Some Practical Points

1) Most people yield to laughter by some contact with a Revival
   group. Just sitting in a group where holy laughter is
   present can trigger the gift (even at the first meeting).
   Many receive the gift through the laying on of hands.
   Some experience laughter by watching videos of Rodney Howard-Browne.
   In other words, people coming to a Revival group 
   see and experience people laughing .  .  .

2) Many see other people experiencing this gift in the large prayer
   group but experience it for themselves in a smaller
   setting, or by the laying on of hands.

3) Holy laughter is an abiding gift. Once a person has experienced 
   this touch of God, they tend to experience it again  and again, 
   usually during a prayer gathering but also privately.

4) The laughter can happen any time or any place, although the 
   person can exercise some control over the gift. The greatest
   and deepest experiences occurs in the Revival group where praise
   and prophecies prepare the person for
   this manifestation.)

6) No reason exists why this gift cannot be for everyone just as 
   the charismatic experiences of
   Baptism of the Spirit and praying in tongues were for all.

8) Our experiences have shown that laughter has many purposes. 
   (This is why laughter must not be set aside as an optional

a) Laughter makes prayer much easier and invites the group
   to pray longer.

b) Laughter lifts burdens and opens a person's heart quickly 
   to God's action.

c) This joy opens the person and the group to other 
Revival manifestations.

Videos are no longer available. (2003)


In June of 1997, I attended two days of a 3 1/2 day Rodney Howard-Browne Revival meeting in Fresno,
California held at Victory Christian Center. His messages included teaching on giving and the "new wine of the Holy Spirit".
Rodney laid hands on all Friday morning attendees. I could feel the power on him as he approached from 10 ft away.
I was down on the floor for nearly an hour. While laughing, some painful experiences from my job surfaced and were removed.

At the Church in Fresno, I also bought a cassette tape and CD copy of the
 Revival Down UnderRevival Down Under
music and preaching from Rodney's Camp meeting in Australia in 1996. I gave a copy to my friends and my Pastor.
 This is very inspirational music to listen to each morning. Rodney relates some inspiring examples of how God has
demonstrated His power at Rodney's meetings in the area of dramatic healings.

 By leaving my name and address at the Toronto Airport Church site, I have been receiving their magazine
Spread the FirePicture of Spread the Fire Magazine.

 Back to deepening of the "gift" .Earlier this year, the laughter began manifesting in me while singing praise music at church .
I found that after singing for a while I then began praying in the Spirit and laughing at the same time.
A few Sundays, I keep on laughing (belly shaking) during the entire service.
A few months ago, Al Fury, a visiting evangelist spoke in our evening service at Cottonwood Christian Center.
He taught that the laughter happens in his meetings. He invited the Holy Spirit into the meeting. He related the current move
of God to Joel 2:28 and the reference to it in Acts 2:17-This is That!

During the meeting some people were touched by the laughter. Since he encouraged the Holy Spirit and explained the
laughter manifestation, the Holy Spirit was free to move. I laughed in the Spirit during the service and felt a little bit "drunk"
after the service. Revival/renewal is on its way but has not quite begun at the church I attend in Los Angeles.

As Rev. Vincent Walsh states, the laughter can occur anywhere.

For me, it has started
a) in the car driving home from church
b) in the car after leaving a movie
c) walking around for exercise outside at a mall (not outloud)
d) at home while watching TV
e) while involved in praise music at church
f) after praising the Lord outloud at home
g) making a comment about some problem or situation to the Lord
h) after speaking a few words in tongues
i) when hands were laid on me at Church j) watching revival videos and a few times been
interspersed with deep yawns . . .


As Richard Roberts asks on the Joy Video, what happens after the laughter?
Is it just laughter?

I have experienced:

1) An increased open desire for personal change.
2) Removal of anxiety: I was so keyed up from work, I could not go to sleep. As I lay in bed, I asked the Lord for help.
 Immediately, I began to laugh. After a half hour, I fell off to sleep.
3) Relief from the emotional pain experienced in human relationships such as rejection.
4) Relief from physical pain: I was awakened at night with a strong pain. I asked the Lord for help
and the laughter started. As I lay on the bed laughing in the Spirit for almost a half hour, the pain slowly faded away.
5) Increased interest in the Bible, in talking to others about Jesus.
6) A desire to see others experience the joy laughter and the resulting benefits.
7) Repeated renewal of joy (Holy Spirit directed-as needed) resulting in a growing inner joy/stability that
has taken me through computer training, selling the family home and starting and working a new and difficult job.
 8) The desire and motivation to set up a Website to share my experiences to encourage
others who are encountering this touch from God.

I just received and watched a video from the TACF church, "Go Inside the Toronto Blessing"Picture of Video Go Inside the Toronto Blessing .
I had been wondering if what was happening there in terms of manifestations and results matched that at the
Rodney Howard Browne, Catholic Church meetings. After watching the video, I can see that the Holy Spirit is very consistent.
At that time I highly recommended this video as a source on the revival manifestations and the results. I ordered 7 copies to give out to Pastors and friends. The video  is no longer available in 2007.  There was a 10 year DVD at TACF last year.


[Rodney Howard-Browne has stated that this type of change is progressive. 
 Human flesh can only handle a little at a time.]

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